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JoYo is built on a passion that the founder - a nail beauty enthusiast - created based on her experience as a certified nail technician and nail salon owner.  She was inspired by her many clients who longed for nail beauty that was both fashionable and safe. 

We love classic nail polish colors that won't go out of style as well as fabulous colors of the season.  We also realize that amazing colors are not enough.  We also provide all natural treatments that are essential for maintaining healthy nails and hands.   

JoYo is committed to quality products that provide freedom from dangerous chemicals typically found in many mainstream nail care products.   This means less toxins which is better for everyone's health, especially moms and moms-to-be.

Our artisan approach allows us to guarantee a high quality product.  Quantities may be limited so get yours now before it sells out.  We hope that you enjoy JoYo as much as we enjoyed creating it!